Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marty the Calf

Marty and Claire
Marty and Sophie
Kofi and Marty
Marty and Kofi
Marty and Greg
Marty and Kofi
Marty at 1 week old

Marty is a dairy calf who would have been turned into veal if we had not adopted him in April. We lost one of our calves and his mother had lots of milk so we got Marty for her, but she had other ideas. It took 27 days for her to accept Marty and during that time, his constant companion was Kofi. They have remained close friends and love chasing one another around and playing rough boy games! Marty is very loving and gentle with humans, but he sometimes thinks he is a dog, often galloping along beside the ute or the quad bike with Kofi.

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